Rivka Namer - Decorative Painting

  רבקה נמר

My name is Rivka Namer and I am a decorative painting artist.

Since I was young, I was always engaged with art in many different ways.

During my long stay abroad, I have learned the techniques of painting on silk and on ceramics.

After my return to Israel, I practiced oil painting on canvas in different styles such as classic, romantic and realistic styles.

I have always looked for new subjects and new techniques of painting and by doing so I found the wonderful world of "Decorative Painting on Wood".

I was very surprised of the huge possibilities that exist in this art form and from the endless ideas which can be materialized using different techniques.

Nowadays I am painting with acrylic on wood, ceramics, glass and canvas. I am painting flowers, landscapes, animals, bears and even humoristic style.

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The topics of my paintings are rich and versatile, the colors are brightful and the ideas are endless…

The different techniques I have learned and experienced beside the vast knowledge I have gathered over the years enable me to achieve amazing and high quality artwork.

So, I am inviting each and every one of you personally to visit my studio, where you will be very much impressed from the different styles of artwork and colorful atmosphere. You are more than welcomed to share with me this emotional experience.

In addition I am conducting seminars and teaching classes of "Decorative Painting" for beginners and also for those who have some past experience.

I am personally encouraging you to explore this wonderful world of art where everyone can discover his own artistic talent within himself.


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